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Ponies and Critters has been in business for more than 20 years. We have done hundreds of parties, and our pony rides are always a huge hit. We take pride in providing happy, gentle, and clean animals for parties, schools, family reunions, churches, or other such events. Our fun, friendly staff will be there to make your pony party the best day ever! Give us a call now!

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Los Angeles Pony Party offers top rated and professional Pony Party in El Monte. [Read More]

  • Pony Party:
    We bring clean, decorated ponies to your pony party. We can bring handled ponies or a pony sweep, depending on your event. We do all the setup and cleanup so you can enjoy your party. We are fully insured.
  • Specialties:
    Pony Party. We decorate our ponies with glitter and ribbons, and we can even bring a unicorn! If it is a bunny zoo you want, we can do it.

Pony Party Tips

Pony Party Tips

Los Angeles Pony Party provides detailed tips and information on the most frequently asked questions to help you make the right choice. [Pony Party ]

Los Angeles Pony Party Makes Joy-Filled Lifetime Memories

Just about every little boy or girl adores sweet and gentle ponies. The long, flowing mane and soft, snuffly nose make each pony a magnet for little ones and grown-ups too. In Los Angeles, you can hold pony parties year-round. This makes it easy to give your child sweet life-long memories of the special day you treat them and their friends to the time of their young lives, courtesy of Los Angeles Pony Party.

To make sure your child and their little friends are as safe as can be, it’s always best to hire professional pony handlers, who also happen to know children very well. Professional handlers like Los Angeles Pony Party know the temperament of their ponies so well that they can assure a wonderful time for all your guests. Being so mellow and sweet, the ponies can often be dressed up for the occasion, making for an even more magical experience for your child. Children can imagine themselves as a princess or cowhand on their noble but tiny steed with a heart as big as the outdoors.

Even those too young to ride enjoy touching the dense, soft fur of the ponies or their velvety and warm nose. Small hands can hold out treats and feel thrilled when the pony accepts their gift. Photographs can be taken of your child and each friend so you can relive the joy in their faces over again. Los Angeles Pony Party can make it easy for you to sit back and soak up your children’s happiness. To make sure everything goes smoothly, it’s always best to hire professional pony handlers who can arrange games that leave the children laughing and smiling. Los Angeles Pony Party’s knowledge of the ponies and their experience with children make it a win-win situation: as a parent you can enjoy the day and have safety, while your children make memories of what you’ve given them forever after.